Get Trumped At the AS220 Blackbox This Weekend

Get Trumped At the AS220 Blackbox This Weekend

See not one but two amazing shows about politics this weekend at the AS220 Blackbox!

Settling in for a two week run is Elemental Theatre’s new satire about politics.   If Ann Coulter and Jean-Paul Sartre wrote a play together, it might look something like DONALD, TED, AND MARCO, premiering at the AS220 Black Box on Friday, October 28th at 7:30pm. What happens when the leading lights of the GOP (including the presidential nominee) are trapped in a pocket dimension? Will they escape? Can they save a fractured party? There’s only one way to find out.

DONALD, TED, AND MARCO was written by Elemental’s Dave Rabinow (GHOST STORY, A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE EARTH AND EVERYTHING IN IT…) in response to the captivating-as-a-car-wreck contest for the Republican presidential nomination and features three female actors in the titular roles. This hour-long, one-act play is funny, frightening, and infuriating, often all at the same time; feelings that should be familiar to anyone who has followed the presidential race. DONALD, TED, AND MARCO, however, delivers what politics cannot: an ending. With Alexis Ingram (NY’s La Mama ETC, Out Loud) as Donald, Kelly Seigh (Elemental, Wilbury Group) as Ted, and Kate Teichman (Chicago’s Curious Theater Branch, Empire Revue) as Marco. The production is directed by Gamm Theatre resident artist Casey Seymour Kim.

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If one play about Trump is not enough, take a chance on an important one night political event, an adaptation of Mike Daisey’s Trump Card, adapted by and starring Seth Lepore. When Seth Lepore found out that Mike Daisey made the script for his new standing room only show, THE TRUMP CARD, open-source and adaptable, he knew he had to jump at the chance. The Guardian hails the show as “…how an artful lie illuminates what we believe to be the truth more than any actual accounting of objective reality.”


Using the bones of Daisey’s script as a solid foundation, Lepore chops up and remixes his own personal story into the fold, threading in the political quagmires of his home state of Rhode Island. From the love/hate relationship the people of Providence had with Mayor Buddy Cianci, to Lepore’s second cousin switching from Catholic priest to Mayor of his home town, Lepore conveys how the cult of personality is nothing new. How, in fact, Trump’s timing couldn’t be better… for the worse. If anything, we created all this monster together.