Gallery Talk Tonight with Nafis White & Garcia Sinclair

Gallery Talk Tonight with Nafis White & Garcia Sinclair


It Doesn’t Show Signs of Stopping

Nafis White and Garcia Sinclair will be in the AS220 Project Space tonight, from 5:30-7p.m., discussing the exhibit

“It Doesnt Show Signs of Stopping” . The artist brought together a small group of artists to explore the issues of violence and race in America today.

The provocative nature of merely existing has been the undoing of many lives, torn apart by gun violence and systemic racism. The perpetrators of these crimes are often exonerated and the young victims and their lifestyles are hung in a neo lynching media frenzy”

(from the exhibition statement)


Outraged by the murder of Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Renisha McBride and countless others, the show seeks to openly discuss these events and how they affect us as individuals and as a culture at war with itself.







 Doreen Garner – RISD MFA Glass 2014


Quintín Rivera Toro – RISD MFA Sculpture 2013


Hao Ni – RISD MFA Sculpture 2014


García Sinclair – RISD BFA Sculpture 2015


Nafis White – RISD BFA Sculpture 2015

The talk is free and open to the public. The AS220 Project PSace is located at 93 Mathewson St. , Providence, RI.