Fun With Conductive Paints



Join the members of AS220 labs on Tuesday May 21st for Open Hack Night, as we explore the possibilites of using conductive inks and paints in projects. Instructables in partnership with Bare Conductive are teaming up to sponsor this event and provide us with materials. Open Hack Night occurs every Tuesday night and is an opportunity for AS220 Industries members to come together and work on projects as a group. Meetings are not normally themed but we are looking forward to having an opportunity to tinker with this new and exciting medium that lends itself to a collaboration between the Labs and Printshop spaces. We will be getting started around 7pm and will probably wrap up around 9 or 10. This event is open to the public and is completely free, so come down and give the Bare Conductive pens a try and see what Open Hack is all about.