SATURDAY, AUGUST 12th, 2017 /// 1 PM – 1 AM
$10 in advance / $15 day of / Kids 10 and under FREE
Sign up for a volunteer shift and get FREE ADMISSION (+ a free shift drink and volunteer patch)!
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FOO FEST returns to downtown Providence on Saturday, August 12th, 2017 from 1 PM to 1 AM for 12 more incredible hours of music, art, performance, kid and family-friendly activities, hands-on interactive art experiences from local artists, makers, and like-minded arts and cultural organizations, DIY technology, delectable food and drink, and much more, all highlighting arts, culture, and creativity in Providence and the Ocean State!

MOMS, DADS, AND KIDS: Foo Fest is kid and family-friendly from 1 – 6 PM! We’re pleased to announce GREG COOK and KARI PERCIVAL as the Artists in Residence for Foo Fest 2017! They’re already cooking up some awesome hands-on activites and projects for you to enjoy both leading up to and on the day of Foo Fest! Dare I say that I think there’s going to be a parade happening??? You can also look forward to a whole slew of offerings from local artists and makers, and arts-centric organizations, as well as your favorite local restaurateurs and food & drink vendors! More news on this front as it develops.

FOO FEST is AS220’s annual summer block party, held outdoors and inside on Empire Street in Providence, highlighting the incredible arts, music, creative, and cultural scene brewing right here in Providence, Rhode Island. AS220 has been hosting an annual celebration under the name of Foo Fest, or Fool’s Ball, since 1995.



“Just a Jewish Drag Queen trying to make it in Providence, and by ‘it’ she means ‘money.'”

Members of GYMSHORTS, Roz and the Rice Cakes, and the SHIT and Dr. Jones and Shiners lived in a house together in Providence, became friends, and started a band.

Fully matured temper tantrums from local hangers-on, out of retirement for one last headache.

Midriffs is the brainchild of Thomas James. The band came about in 2014 with the release of Subtle Luxuries; an incredibly promising debut LP that makes conscious meeting points between psych rock, and pop tendencies. Now joined by Nick Makarovskiy,  Kevin McCallum and his sister Sarah, the band has gone on several U.S. tours and are coming into the new year strong with a self-titled LP II to be released in late 2017.

Minibeast is the musical creation of Peter Prescott (Mission Of Burma, Volcano Suns, Kustomized, Peer Group). Minibeast combines surf, psych, punk, easy listening, 60’s children’s music, and soundtrack influences to create instrumental soundscapes. Live, Minibeast is a 3-piece band with Keith Seidel, Eric Baylies, and Peter Prescott.

“Hairspray Queen: a self-described “crummy” post-punk group hailing from… Rhode Island. Hm. Sure that’s a first for a lot of us, but I digress. If you were to ask me, I’d rather describe Hairspray Queen with a word that’s more in the vein of, I dunno, “surreal”, “dreamy”, or even something as implicative as “psychedelic”; with twinkling, multifaceted guitars, a permissive rhythm section, and a vocalist so generously trailed by reverb and delay, it’s difficult to prescribe the group’s pensive blend of gothic rock and post-punk as anything but a tranquilizing, equally-stimulating endeavor.” – Jimmy Smith

“Organ driven hardcore from New England.”

The Funk lives in unexpected places. Sometimes it doesn’t see the light. Luckily our basement has windows. We spend our time trying to represent the realness and beauty that is Hip Hop. We get down, and you get a good time. Coming out of a long collaboration between SydeSho, Eric Axelman, and several instrumentalists, the Funk Underground brings the funk from Providence, Rhode Island to wherever it’s most needed.

Jodi Jolt and The Volt came together in June of 2011, playing the first gig at the old Club Gallery after the RI Pride celebration.  Since then The Volt has been playing original fun high energy music and select covers in clubs all over the New England area.  The Volt has been featured in Frock Magazine, Transformation Magazine, TGForum, Options Magazine, performed on the Tony Jones Show, at RI Pride 2015 and 2016, New London Pride 2016, and Hartford City Pride 2016.  They have donated performances to benefit Aids Project New Haven, The RI Food Bank, local Veterans, local animal shelters, and RI Pride.

A band from Attleboro, U-S-A, the NEUTRINOS have been cutting their orthodontically-perfected teeth in the glamorous Providence rock-n-roll scene since the summer of 2011. Initially an exclusively live experience, the NEUTRINOS finally got around to releasing their debut opus, Surf Cult this winter and are poised to dominate the ever-growing market that is physical media. Comprised of the titular Johnny Neutrino on bass, the mononymous Preston on guitar, and brothers Andy Anxiety and Slick Nick on drums and guitar, respectively, the NEUTRINOS are ready to be the fiercest fools at the ball.

With a fluid lineup and various experiments in approach over the course of their four albums, Queen Elephantine is a nebulous worship of heavy mood and time. Founded in Hong Kong in 2006 but now based in Providence, USA, the group released their fifth album KALA on all formats through an international coalition of labels: Argonauta (Italy), Cimmerian Shade (USA), Tartarus (Netherlands), Atypeek (France), and Transcending Obscurity (India).

Since time can remember there’s been the hustle inspired calls of “yo, man, check out my music”. Many see it as a hassle, but that’s the spirit The Daily Note was built on. TDN is a platform for many creatives to get their creations out to an audience. Their main tool is a Hip-Hop blog site in which local and mainstream music is posted. TDN also has a podcast, called #TheNoteCast, in which brand owners Cøøg and Louie converse with dope people ranging from artists to business owners to community figures and more. TDN will be presenting DJ Beáto, Nino Green, Cam Bells, Hil Holla and Khary at Foo Fest 2017!

Dancy drum machine beats layered within dreamy synths and funky guitar riffs, weaved into subtle vocal melodies.

Joe Gaudiana started releasing music as Edgar Clinks in his dorm-room while studying at poetry at The New School. After relocating the indie-rock project to Providence, Edgar recorded their latest album, “i live in a tree these days” in a time spent listening to The Magnetic Fields, R.E.M, Brian Eno, Joni Mitchell, Beat Happening, Pavement, and The Breeders. After releasing their album on Super Wimpy Punch, they’ve been touring the US & Canada heavily, stopping home to write and record a new album.

D.Valor is a producer responsible for many hip hop events around the city. Pyrex Lex is one of the hottest emcees who’s opened up for acts like Jadakiss, DMX, and more. Watch D.Valor make the beat bang with his LIT production set and Pyrex tell you why Providence is the most underrated city in rap today.

Providence, Rhode Island based crossover-hardcore-thrash metal. Heavily influenced by 80’s and 90’s metal and hardcore. Current and past members of Dropdead, Ratstab, Ulcer, Paindriver, Straight to Hell, Hard Drug, Neon Bitches.

Lady Queen paradise is gritty and pure. Lady Queen Paradise is like a rain storm. Lady Queen Paradise is a Capricorn. The first condition of their rider is “MUST BE OKAY IF PERFORMANCE DROWNS EVERYTHING ELSE OUT.” For Foo Fest, Lady Queen Paradise will feature a special new band with a special new sound.

Zukrewe, AS220 Youth’s performance troupe, is dedicated to spreading knowledge through the art of rhyme. We perform all over New England and work to drop at least one full original album a year. Any young person who can make the commitment to our team can join the ZuKrewe