Foo Fest 2013: Saint Jude

How would you characterize your band? 
We’re just a bunch of friends who started out by playing what we wanted to hear. We’re what happens when metal heads play hardcore with a punk drummer—and love doing it.
Can you give a brief history of your band?
Dave and Brendan were in a grindcore band called thenightmarecontinues and wanted to do another heavy band. Dave was in a fast hardcore band called Shred the Past with Rob, and he was asked if he wanted to do a heavy hardcore band and he was on board. Heartthrob Mike Riley was the only choice for drummer after his stints in All Those Opposed and the psyche-rock band Get Killed. Second guitarist and friend Vincent Hausman, from bands It’s a Fucking Trap! and Howl, was asked to join to fill out the sound. After a few tours and the addition of George Radford of F/I and Drop Dead on bass, Saint Jude is still ready to rock.
What is your band’s connection to Providence and/or AS220?
We were all a part of the local music scene even before we formed the band, since we were all in different bands and playing shows together, a lot of them being at AS220. Saint Jude’s first and last shows were at AS220; our next show is going to be at AS220. Mike Riley, Saint Jude’s drummer, was house manager of AS220 for years and years.
What is it like to be part of the music scene in Providence?
We’ve all been all over this country, and we can honestly say there is no other place like Providence anywhere. It’s different. It’s our home base.
Have you been to Foo Fest before, and if so what was your experience like?
We’ve been to many many Foo Fests, and we always have a great time. From Sage Francis to Andrew W.K. to Get Killed to Big Freedia to Sun Ra to Lightning Bolt it’s always been an exhilarating experience. Long live foo fest!
What are you most excited about for Foo Fest 2013?
Playing it! And then immediately dancing to Ssion after we finish our last song. There are so many great artists this year. It’s going to be a good time the whole day.
What else do you want people to know about your band?
It’s always been about the friendship, and we’re just going to keep trying to make it heavier.