Foo Fest 2013: 14 Foot 1

An Interview with Bradford Krieger of 14 Foot 1

How would you characterize your band?

We’re a three piece, mostly instrumental math rock band.

Can you give a brief history of your band?

We started playing together in 2006 with drummer Dennis Ryan, with whom we recorded our first album, Christ Grenades.  A couple years later, we switched out Dennis for our long time friend Casey Belisle.  Since then, we’ve been playing out regularly around New England, and we’ve just released our new 7″, Two, on Brad’s small record label New Neighbor Records.

What is your band’s connection to Providence and/or AS220?

All of us grew up around Providence and started going to shows at AS220 as soon as our parents would drive us there.  We’ve seen some of our favorite bands and artists there, and have been lucky enough to play there consistently for years.

Have you been to Foo Fest before, and if so what was your experience like?

Casey was able to play Foo Fest ’11 with his other band, Roz Raskin and The Rice Cakes, and he had a blast!  We’ve all been going to Foo Fest yearly for quite some time, and it’s always a fantastic day to catch all of our favorite local bands.  It’s also great to go to an event that’s so family friendly.