Fever Charm, Local Lights, Ben Walsh, Jenn Kitten – Friday, February 8th

Well, look at those four young, fresh, fellows up above! They are Fever Charm and they’ll be gracing the stage at 115 Empire on Friday, February 8th. When they’re not melting young girls’ hearts with their brand of West Coast good time beach bum rock and roll, they “spend their off-time hanging out at the beach, surfing, skating, flirting with girls and just having fun”. So, come see them before they realize that they’re out on the East Coast and it’s February and there is no fun at the beach right now, just cold northern bleakness.

It doesn’t stop there though, no, this is one MONSTER ROCK SHOW. You also get:

Local Lights, who “create gritty post-punk sung with soul. Songs are about connections and isolation, cities and the coming apocalypse, destruction and hope.” Ah, yes, that sounds just about right.

Ben Walsh, who, according to the internet, “effing rocks” in an indie rock way, and everything you read on the internet is true.

Jenn Kitten, who has been rocking us since just about forever now and continues to tirelessly do so. Drawing inspiration from Gaslight Anthem, Alkaline Trio, Saves The Day, and Ani DiFranco to craft songs about good times, bad times, friends, foes, and YOU! So you better be there!

Friday, February 8th at 9pm. $6.