fernando flaquer - "amazing! i'm stoked! i can't wait!"

fernando flaquer – “amazing! i’m stoked! i can’t wait!”

From AS220 YOUTH:

Fernando Flaquer has been a student at AS220 Youth since September 2010. In that time, he has taken many of the classes AS220 Youth offers, building his portfolio the whole time. Recently, he applied to college and was accepted into Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

I asked Fernando some questions about his application process. For those of you who have applied to schools or are thinking about applying, check this out:


How was applying to college?
It was a bit weird. My school didn’t really help me, I had to do a lot myself with no help. 
Did you apply to more than one college?
I applied to 5 colleges.
How long have you been working on developing your portfolio and how was that process?
I’ve been developing it for around 3 years, since I started coming to the studio. I never really loved my portfolio until just before my college application deadlines. Procrastination is bad. But by meeting once a week with my advisor, Scott (he’s awesome) I made a portfolio I am proud of.
What kind of art do you make?
Photography and prontmaking mostly. I’m really interested in studying graphic design. 
What do you want from college?
To obtain a degree in something I love and turn it into a successful career that I’ll love.
I heard you got into MassArt! How’s that feel?