Fab Academy returns to AS220 and the AS220 Industries for the eighth year!

The Fab Academy is a Digital Fabrication Program directed by Neil Gershenfeld of MIT’s Center For Bits and Atoms (CBA) and based on MIT’s rapid prototyping course, MAS 863: How to Make (Almost) Anything. The Fab Academy began as an outreach project from the CBA, and has since spread to Fab Labs around the world. The program provides advanced digital fabrication instruction for students through an unique, hands-on curriculum and access to technological tools and resources.

At the Fab Academy, you will learn how to envision, prototype and document your ideas through many hours of hands-on experience with digital fabrication tools. We take a variety of code formats and turn them into physical objects.

Students at the Fab Academy learn: how to use AS220’s digital fabrication tools for rapid prototyping, electronics design and production by producing circuit boards using a variety of sensors and output devices, how to program AVR microcontrollers on the boards they have produce, molding and casting, 3D scanning and printing, and how create interconnected systems (while creating a final project).

Fab Academy at AS220 is just one of three sites in the US this year! Applications are open now, so get yours in – the deadline is November 30th!