Yonatan Gat, Good Lord, Twin Foxes, and The Hurt Ensemble

July 18, 2015 @ 9:00 pm – July 19, 2015 @ 1:00 am
AS220 Main Stage
115 Empire Street
“Echoes of funk from Benin; Cuban son from Senegal; Chicano rock from Los Angeles; Afro-Brazilian soul from Rio de Janeiro; and the pentatonic and Arabic scales that connect much of the world – but there’s always a lilt and an invitation in it. He leaves a space for you to get in. They were playing for themselves and they were playing for you, but they weren’t playing for any static definition of a concert.”  – NY Times
“Best Guitarist in New York, 2013”  – Village Voice
Psych-jazz improv fusion of late period Miles Davis, weirdo Middle Eastern surf-rawk and Western African complexities with raging punk rock intensity. A mind-blowingly prolific journey crossing vibes of DIY dives and avant-garde jazz spaces.” – Vice
“Bring his part of Monotonix’s furious energy into a much more improvised realm, his ecstatic guitar playing takes the tune from a bombastic romp into some kind of bizarre and heavenly celebration.”
 – All Music Guide
“A dizzying performance by a true master of his craft.” – Wondering Sound
Yonatan Gat makes music that has no home. I say that because the guitarist and his band create a sound that is from seemingly everywhere and specifically nowhere at once, channeling everything from Afrobeat grooves to Middle Eastern folk melodies to straight up rock n’ roll noise, sometimes all within the span of one song – weaving the global smattering of styles seamlessly together like the great jazz musicians of the ‘60s” – The Bay Bridged
“One of the most enjoyable parts of a Yonatan Gat show, especially if you’ve seen the band before, is watching the new listeners, the unsuspecting folks who happen to be at the bar on a mid-week night, as the show unfolds. One guy in the front row stands with his hand on his jaw, staring, transfixed. Another rolls his head around his shoulders in synchronicity to the jolts of the song, occasionally rocking forward suddenly to accompany sudden musical shifts; with a shocked expression, his eyes look like they might burst from their sockets. Yonatan Gat is currently performing one of the most incredible sets in small to medium venues.” – Pop Press International