Wrestle Party: The Providence Championship!

March 3, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm
AS220 Black Box
95 Empire Street
$10 (Free with Brown / RISD ID)

50808940_816195215393034_1030819484211871744_o*** to be read in an old-timey nasally newsreel voice ***

On March 3rd Providence Wrestle Party shall anoint its first ever CHAMPION!

For the main event of this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday night the Wrestle Party will unveil THE PROVIDENCE CHAMPIONSHIP! The belt has been forged from the steel of the abandoned Gano St Bridge and crafted with the finest leather from the Jewelry district. It was treated with quahog juice and softened with coffee milk. It was purchased with misappropriated tax revenue. All that it needs now is a valiant wrestler to claim it and strap it around their waist! Who shall hoist this beauty above their victorious head after a hard-fought battle for the ages? There are but two contenders:


After securing a daring, dastardly, and controversial victory in the Narragansett Cup last Summer, KING LEON VI became the number one contender. To determine his opponent in the title bout he designed a truly unique and in no way copyrighted match called the “Shmoyal Shmumble.” Much to his surprise and dismay, none other than Poseidon’s Siren, The Reel Catch, ASHLEY VOX, emerged victorious and ready to challenge the King! In subsequent weeks the conniving monarch repeatedly surprise attacked our heroine culminating with the entire locker room separating the two war-crazed and bloodlusting maniacs! The animosity between these two is truly, utterly, ridiculous. It is rumored that Ashley dreams nightly about regicide while muttering the name “Leon” with the bitter chill of an assassin. Meanwhile, Leon has issued a bounty on his opponent, but his hapless squire appears incapable of intimidating such a fierce fighter as Vox. On this Wrestle Party eve this feud must end! This one is for all of the corn in the silo! We will leave this night with a champ!

As always, at Providence Wrestle Party you can expect a night full of hijinks and shenanigans. Join us for an evening of Whams! Slams! A Live Band! The show is part theatre, part basement punk gig, part improv, part comedy, part combat sport, part cabaret, and always completely frikkin’ insane. Fans stand ringside and interact with the performers to cheer on their heroes, boo their villains, and get confounded by the in-betweens of morality. These shows have everything: A telekinetic meta-human-super-villain built in a mad scientist’s laboratory, a tuna with a wicked Rhode Island accent, the “SLAM” poets, the world’s unluckiest pizza delivery guy, an easily distracted cat, a bird, some other animals (we love animals), eurotrash space men, some suspiciously stereotypical pirates, and bunch of real meanies that are really asking for a bruisin’!

Tickets are $10 at the door
Free w/ a Brown/RISD ID

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