“Woven in Time: The Narragansett Salt Pond Preserve” Screening

March 11, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
AS220 Main Stage
115 Empire St

06_Woven in Time

Woven in Time: The Narragansett Salt Pond Preserve is the story of this site and of the stories that emerged from it; how the remains of a centuries old village managed to survive ‘untouched’ in a highly-built section of the Rhode Island coast, the unlikely alliance between the State of Rhode Island and the Narragansett Tribe (whose relationship has been difficult at best) to save the site from development; the archaeologists, whose tenacity and expertise revealed startling evidence of a large number of dwellings, storage pits and implements of daily life and lastly, the parallels between the resiliency of the site and the resiliency of the Narragansett people who have and continue to successfully fight four hundred years of colonialism. Woven in Time is a story of ‘place’, and how land and spirit are interwoven and how uncovering this village could lead to a shared stewardship for this beautiful and bountiful territory of marshes, ponds, ocean and forests. Woven in Time is a lyrical, thoughtful and beautifully realized exploration of what it means to be ‘from’ somewhere, a film of extraordinary beauty, poetry and of the harsh relational reality of, yet in this matter, the ultimate cooperation between, the State of Rhode Island and the Narragansett Tribe.

For Woven in Time,

Marc Levitt spent almost two years interviewing over sixty archaeologists, anthropologists, historians and individuals from many other professions whose backgrounds were both Narragansett and non-Narragansett. Woven in Time features drone photography and music drawn from Rhode Island, national and international sources, including a continuing theme by the well-known avant-garde composer, Moondog.

Marc Levitt is a filmmaker whose first film, Stories in Stone, about the stonewall building tradition of the Narragansett has been seen on PBS stations around the United States and at San Francisco’s American Indian Film Festival. Marc is also a globally-traveled storyteller and the author of the Corwin Press book, Putting Everyday Life on the Page. Additionally, Mr. Levitt is the Host and Co-Producer of the national public radio show, Action Speaks, Underappreciated Dates that Changed America. Marc has also produced and created musical narratives and audio pieces based on revealing site-specific stories such as: Triple Decker tenements, the RISD Museum, Narragansett Beach the Blackstone Valley and Rhode Island’s rivers, watersheds and farms.