The Strattones, MeccaLily, Matt Frazza Band, and The Conversation

December 6, 2014 @ 9:00 pm – December 7, 2014 @ 1:00 am
115 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903

The Conversation

Pals Heartley and Jubb have been performing avant-leaning electronics under various monikers (currently The Conversation) since 2006.
Matt Frazza Band

Matt’s love of rock and roll began at age eight, when he found a copy of the White Album, missing one of the platters, amongst his parent’s pretty terrible, at the time, record collection. Putting on the headphones and manipulating the quadraphonic joystick, he found his favorite worlds. Moving through the Blue Album, Kiss Alive II, Paranoid, Powerage, then, later, rem, all the Golden Era faves, e. smith, etc., Matt was the typical r and r saturated human, always. So why wait 45 years to release a record? Well, it took him that long to figure out he could write songs, use his voice, and trust his guitar, to put aside caring what other people thought and just shred.
Jon, Wayne, Martin and Dave have been playing together in various incarnations over the past several years. MeccaLily is the current stage in their combined musical journeys. Their paths have converged on this point and the result is original music that combines vocal harmonies, thoughtful lyrics, and tunes that you can not only think on, but rock out to as well….MeccaLily is currently in the studio working on their second release.
The Strattones
Originally started as a cover band, the Strattones have branched out into original music fed by a desire for vocal excursions and a rich instrumental landscape. The band consists of Martin Bradburn on Guitar and vocals, Ed Milham on bass,Stick, guitar and vocals, Jesse Stratton on vocals and keys, Dave Stem on Guitar and vocals and Matt Richter on drums and percussion.