The Rise

March 26, 2016 @ 8:30 pm – March 27, 2016 @ 12:00 am
AS220 Main Stage
115 Empire Street


hosted by:

Marie & DjShureLive


L.J, Luna, Madelin, Hamad, Ysanel, Jermaine, King Mula, Messy Tye, Pharaoh Da Phenom, RI Buckets, Project 401, Y.I., Ma’At and NICE

The Message: The Rise

⁃ NETWORKING / UNITY / SOCIALIZING. There is too much separation in  providence. We need more structure, and pioneers.

⁃ A SENSE OF BELONGING / PUT YOUR MIND TO IT, IT’S YOURS.  Many young artists in Providence are searching for some direction. Only to find out that with discipline, you can accomplish and achieve anything.

⁃ BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER / YOU MAY OR MAY NOT LIKE WHAT YOU SEE. Come with an open mind; come seeking a new experience. Most people do not know what they like until it has been introduced to them. An Artists energy connect with whom it’s meant to.

⁃ EVIDENCE AND PROOF OF TALENT / HERE WE ARE! For a long time Providence was shunned for our “lack of talent”. Now, in 2016 we have a tremendous amount of talent in the creative capital. Also, many driven artists making consistent quality material; taking advantage of every opportunity thats comes along or that is sought after.

⁃ UNITY / OPPORTUNITY TO USE A PLATFORM AND BE HEARD. If not for the internet, most RI artists would have to go out of state to look for added promotion, placement and marketing. The ones here with the opportunity to help out are pretty selfish. Genuinely looking to make sure all those that are serious, have somewhere their material can be showcased.

⁃ MAKING PVD KNOWN FOR OUR CREATIVITY.  As many highlights as the city has, it is time to let the world know of all the artistic talent that has been harboring here.

⁃ LEGACY / UNTAPPED MARKET / NOT WHAT’S SEEN, WHAT’S DONE. Potential is a very good word to use to categorize our city! The build up of energy up to this point is overwhelming! The motto has always been “actions speak louder than words” but we have been working in silence for too many years!