The PVDLoop Festival

October 15, 2017 @ 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
AS220 Main Stage
115 Empire St
Providence, RI 02903


The 2nd Annual PVDLoop is an International Y2K Network Live Electronic Looping Festival which features 30 Local, National and International Live Looping Artists. These amazing musicians and multimedia artists will be creating music of all genres, including traditional Americana/Folk, Poetry and Rap, Jazz, Experimental. It’s going to be music for the ears and the eyes, and well, whatever else we’re putting in the pot! Hurdy Gurdy to Angle Grinder, Strings to Synth, Voice to Voices! PVDLoop is a great adventure, with a massive local presence (after all, this IS the Art City!) and players who are coming here just to join the fun! All ages are welcome, and we’d love to see you. Like our page so we can keep you up to date on the line up, tickets, special workshops, and actually, figuring out what the heck Looping is about, just in case you’re curious!


Laurie Amat (PVD)

Birdlady (PVD)

Manami Braxton (PVD)

Lie Group (PVD)

Randy Branch (PA)

Banter Solo Trio (RI)

Zero Times Infinity (MA)

Alexander Dupuis (PVD)

Antonio Forte (RI)

Sinister Machine (PVD)

Martin Janiček (CZ)

Domestique (PVD)


Ky Why (PVD)

House Red (PVD)

MANDOMAN-Hideki Nakanishi (JP)

Matthew Morales (PVD)

Philippe Ollivier (FR)

Ed Osborn (PVD)

Christopher Sadlers (PVD)

Cindy Sawprano (CA)

Dave Seidel (NH)

Asha Tamirisa (BOS/PVD)

Jules Taylor (NY)

Arvid Tomayko (PA/PVD)

WD-41 w/Nick Cooper (TX, PVD)

Work/Death (PVD)

Ian C. Bouras

Muggs Fogerty