The Laugh of the Medusa // TASTE

July 31, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Black Box Theatre
95 Empire Street
Hadley Sorsby-Jones & Corinne Wahlberg
The Laugh of the Medusa // TASTE @ Black Box Theatre

The Laugh of the Medusa is a live art performance series featuring female identified and gender neutral artists investigating how the self interacts with the erotic. Each performance will frame eroticism in the context of a different sense: sight, taste, sound.=

//TASTE plays with taste as a sense that informs our engagement with and recognition of the erotic. Featuring artists such as Shey Rivera, Corinne Wahlberg, Rose Jermusyk, Rachel Lewallen, Kirsten Volness, and Hadley-Sorsby Jones. More artists coming soon!

Performances Upcoming:

// SOUND engages sound in its visceral (and aphrodisiac) expressive capacity. (August 29th. 7pm) Featuring artists such as Shey Rivera, Purest Spiritual Pigs, Rose Jermusyk. More artists coming soon!

Past Performances:

//SIGHT / GAZE considers the erotic possibilities of sight and the ways that gaze–whether exerted or received–structures carnal awareness. (June 26th, 7pm) Featuring artists such as Laurie Amat, Shey Rivera, Sussy Santana, Yve Blake, Ela Alpi, Bridget Brewster, and Hadley-Sorsby Jones.




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