The Laugh of the Medusa Part I: Sight/Gaze

June 26, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 9:15 pm
AS220's Blackbox
95 Empire Street
The Laugh of the Medusa Part I: Sight/Gaze @ AS220's Blackbox

The first installment of a three-part multimedia performance series investigating the relationship between eroticism and subjectivity, with an emphasis on femme and queer perspectives.  Each performance will frame eroticism in the context of a different sense: sight, taste, and sound.  This show will consider the erotic possibilities of sight and the ways that gaze—whether exerted or received—structures seduction, sexual exchange, and the erotic self.  Work will include films, readings, and performance art by local and international artists.  Wear your favorite femme fatale heels.

  1. Hadley Sorsby-Jones (reading)
  2. Willa Tracy (film)
  3. Shey Rivera (performance art)
  4. Heléna Thompson (film or photographs; remote contribution)
  5. Ela Alpi (film; international; remote contribution)
  6. Sara Dunn (drawings/paintings—to line walls or to frame entrance to Black Box)
  7. Astrid Drew (reading or performance art)