The Best Thing Ever in the Surprise Tour!

April 1, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:45 pm
AS220's Blackbox
95 Empire Street
The Best Thing Ever in the Surprise Tour! @ AS220's Blackbox
For 3 weeks, The Best Thing Ever drove across the country performing exclusively unbooked shows for unsuspecting audiences, in venues ranging from Waffle House to The White House. Musician Jeffrey Lewis narrates the documentary of this tour, which partially emphasizes the issues arising from frontman Noah Britton‘s Asperger’s diagnosis.Every April 1st, The Surprise Tour documentary screens one time in a new state, starting with NY, MA, WA, PA, and OH. This is the only time anyone at all can see this film, and this will be the only viewing in Rhode Island.Noah Britton and Providence’s own Jen Page will be in attendance at the screening, which may end with some “surprises.”
The Best Thing Ever, a band formed in 2003 by Jen Page, Alex Billig, Emily Brodsky and autistic singer/songwriter Noah Britton (also of comedy troupe Asperger’s Are Us), have become renowned for performing uninvited at non-musical venues, starting with 2006’s The Bathroom Tour, which premiered on film at the Galapagos Gallery in 2007, and, most recently, 2010’s Animals Tour, where they performed for animals at venues including a zoo, an aquarium, and a dog shelter.”noah britton is autistic, hilarious, and generally a bad-ass with a heart the size – unpredictability and frightening velocity – of an exploding planet… they were taking ninja gigs to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL… they are fucking brilliant.” – Amanda Palmer
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