Saturday Switch Series

December 17, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
AS220 Live Arts Dance Studio
95 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903

Saturday Switch Series offers instruction in workshop-based setting from a rotating roster of guest artists.

Time: 10-12pm

Cost: $15 per class

December 17th:

Shawn Hove, Modern Technique

(Director, shove gently dance/theater)

shawnhove-2Shawn Hove is a multidisciplinary dance artist investigating and working in dance as a choreographer, dancer, collaborator, educator, lighting designer, and media artist. He is the founder/artistic director of shove gently dance/theater. He has worked as faculty/staff at The Ohio State University’s Department of Dance and served as co-director of the video team at the Bates Dance Festival. He is now on faculty for the Bates Dance Festival, teaching Dance for the Camera. Shawn has danced for/with artists Wade Madsen, Deborah Wolf, Crispin Speath, Meghan Durham, Noelle Chun, and Betsy Miller. He is currently an Assistant Professor and Production Coordinator at Connecticut College’s Department of dance, where he teaches courses in Dance for the Camera, Media in Performance, Production, Technique, and more.

On this day we will move small, we will move big, and everything in between. Class will start with getting our moving bodies ready through a series of placement exercises, stretching, and improvisation. We will end with a big-fun phrase. This phrase will find us eating up space, finding our fellow dancers, and sharing the elastic tension between us. Class will embrace the social aspect of dancing together as a unit, allowing us to share the beauty of our individuality as dancers and humans.