Rhode Island International Film Festival : The Journey – Shorts Package

August 10, 2019 @ 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Local 121
121 Washington St


Hey Stranger

Andrew Fuchs United States | 2019 | 9min | Narrative | Comedy, Drama, LGBTQ

Grace (Laksmi Hedemark) is a “normal” woman, or at least that’s what her partner Jack (Kyle Glenn) would like her to be. After he confides his fear that she might be attracted to women, Grace is unable to reassure him because, frankly, she doesn’t know. A rendezvous with a beautiful stranger (Chess Lopez) shows Grace that a part of herself she’s long kept hidden might not be as scary as it seemed.

INSANE LOVE – when love hides something you don’t wanna see.

Eitan Pitigliani Italy | 2018 | 20min | Narrative | Drama, Romance

There always comes a time in our life when we feel all we’ve done is worth nothing, that hiding behind the image we created for ourselves was just a big mistake, that ultimately led us to a crossroads, between the light and the darkness. And that’s where Alex, a young Italian fashion model, finds himself, convinced that nobody could ever fill the void he has inside, until one day when, walking down the streets of Rome, he bumps into Sophia, an Argentinian young woman, that destiny brought to the Eternal city. Just a coincidence, or maybe God’s plan: who knows? By the way, from that moment on, Alex embarks on a journey of no return, desperately in love with Sophia, who takes him to an emotional rollercoaster. The love story with her drags him to another world, until ‘the end’, making him realize that, ultimately, we are all connected to each other, one way or another, no matter what. Even if you try to escape it, running all the way to the end of the world, love will always chase you, and will never leave you alone.

Delta Crossings

James Puckett United States | 2018 | 18min | Narrative | Drama

Delta Crossings is a story about two people from different parts of society. String, a blues player in the Delta of Mississippi, is an elderly African-American man who comes across Myrtle Valene, an elderly white woman from high society. String finds Myrtle on the side of the road and helps her to move forward. After learning about some mischievous deeds she had committed, he shares some stories from his own past. Together, they find they have more in common than originally thought and develop a bond. String helps Myrtle to cope with what she has done in the past and they both move forward in their own lives.

Automne malade

Cambourieu Lola, Berlier Yann France | 2019 | 30min | Narrative | French-Speaking

Distressed by her mother’s illness, which is getting worse day by day, Milene leaves Paris to prepare for the National School of Administration entry exam. Seeking calm on a farm, she still struggles to concentrate. The surrounding countryside and her meeting with Momo help her forget her troubles. But autumn is coming and time is short.

Marriage Material, the Musical!

Oran Zegman United States | 2018 | 25min | Narrative | Comedy, Musical

After her boyfriend rejects her marriage proposal, Leah Schwartzman checks herself into the “Late Blooming Bride” retreat, which prides itself on transforming less-than-perfect women into “Marriage Material.