Queer Faith: A Storytelling Event

March 30, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Black Box Theater @ AS220
95 Empire St
Providence, RI 02903
Lindsey Peterson


Queer Faith is a live storytelling event exploring the center and edges of our queerness and our faith, both broadly defined. If you’re asking if you belong, if your story fits, if you even have a story to tell, the answer is yes.

During an evening of Queer Faith, we come together as queers and other humans to listen, to laugh, to relate, and to let loose. There’s usually some crying, too, and maybe some foot-stomping. Definitely hand-clapping, tongue-clicking, and finger-snapping. Mmkay?

So, put on your heels, your flannel, your makeup, your sweatpants. Bring your loved ones, your acquaintances, your co-workers, your crush. If you need some confidence, there’s plenty to go around. If you have some to give, bring someone who needs extra.

Queer Faith is a time and space to celebrate our queer faith: begged, borrowed, and stolen, fabulous and fierce.


Whether you have a story to tell, you just want to listen, or you’re somewhere in between, there’s a space for you at Queer Faith. We look forward to seeing you there.