Queer Arts Festival: Magic! Terror! Gay! Hooray!

June 16, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
$5-12 sliding scale
Queer Arts Festival: Magic! Terror! Gay! Hooray!

Magic! Terror! Gay! Hooray!

An evening curated by Ian Cozzens and JR Uretsky
where artists & musicians explore queerness with feelings and alchemy.

Hosted by Ruth Nibbons, M.F.A. (relative of Beth Nixon)

Featuring …
Nabeela Vega
Neve Cross ( Nell Hellbaby )
EDT & S. Tourjee ( Emily Dix Thomas & SE Tourjee )
and Garcia Sinclair

June 16, 2015 in the Black Box
$5-$12 dollar sliding scale!

What other narratives can we offer during Pride Week? Come check out the weird, the magical, the terrifying, the gritty, the joyous, the complex and the generous sides of queerdom performed by some of our favorites.

More info:
Ruth Nibbons, MFA (sister of the founder of Ramshackle Enterprises) will host the evening and provide DIY finger sandwiches.

Seaspace Landscape, Providence
EDT and S. Tourjee spent a winter deep in the sea. You are just a person so you are not sad. You stop thinking in words. We are other environments listening. In 2015 outer space is also a computer and you are enough. We include 1 cello, several sheets of paper, 2 queers with voices.

Garcia Sinclair, Providence
García hails from the gay mecca we all know as San Francisco! She graduated in May from RISD, and will soon be moving to England with her partner to start their MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her performance titled “Every Exit Is An Entrance” can be aptly described as Karaoke, with a healthy dose of food porn. Please enjoy every last morsel!

Nabeela Vega, Boston

Nabeela Vega is a South Asian gender/queer media artist with an interest in creative organizing. Their expressions utilize photography, performance and moving image to explore post 9/11 narratives that intersect with South Asian diasporic experiences.

Vega maintains the personal is political- which expands the work from an orientalist lens into considering its role in digital, intimate and banal spaces. Aesthetically, these narratives follow several tropes. Most commonly: persona, gold and autobiography, to build and communicate with the viewer.

Their work has been exhibited nationally, internationally & in publications like The Boston Globe, The Washington Post & The Aerogram. Vega is creator of VIX: Virtual International Exchange & 1/2 of RQP: Radical Queer Possibilities.

Neve Cross, Providence