Providence Wrestle Party: The Shmoyal Shmumble II !

November 3, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm
AS220 Black Box Theatre
95 Empire Street
$10 (Free w/ Brown ID)



Much to the chagrin of fans and the non-asshole wrestlers, the new owner of the Providence Wrestle Party Brian 4 Ever made his recklessly corporate presence felt right off the bat. After embarrassing former owner Ernie Boch Jr. who he bankrupted and bought out, he made him take off his sparkly jacket and forced the staff to wear new work uniforms! He then called the crowd and talent to a pre-show “meeting” in a boardroom where he declared that King Leon VI was the new Providence Champion! Tensions were high and there was revolt in the midst. However, with a delightful office plant looking on, the sycophant King along with Brian’s “legal counsel” Judge Logan Chambers ran amok in the name of profit and personal gain. First, the new commissioner declared that despite winning the Narragansett Cup Insane Dick Lane was no longer the number 1 contender! Instead, he would compete in a six-way elimination to re-earn the opportunity. Dick managed to come away with the victory as the adoring crowd screamed, “We love Dick!” However, their revelry was short lived… In the ultimate swerve, Brian 4 Ever declared that he didn’t see the match since he was on the phone with corporate and he forced the now exhausted Dick to fight the new champion… It was too much for our dear meta-human hero and the masses watched in horror as the King declared “Off with his head,” and the ref counted 1-2-3. As a reward for kissing his new boss’s ass, the King was allowed to pick how the #1 contender would be determined. He proclaimed that his opponent would be determined at his signature event: the second annual Shmoyal Shmumble (which is completely original and no way copyrighted). Now, Sunday, November 3rd, twenty competitors will go absolutely ham to lay their claim for a shot at the title in an over the top rope battle royale! What surprises, hijinks, and madness await in the Wrestle Party’s new era of corporate terror?!

Sunday, November 3rd
AS220 Black Box
7:00 pm
All Ages

What is the Wrestle Party? Have you ever been to a professional wrestling show? Alright… now, have you ever been to a professional wrestling show where there was a Goosebumps meets D&D style choose your own adventure match? Or where Eurotrash Spacemen invaded the planet on 4.20 to purge the country of stoners and sloth? Or where a telekinetic supervillain chokeslammed their opponent without touching them? Or where a cat wrestled a parrot, that was wrestling a fish, that was wrestling a bear, that was wresting a fox? Or where a pizza delivery guy interrupted a match and when he got stiffed for the bill decided to enter the match and win it but then got fired for being late for another delivery because he was in said match and he ended up needing to take a job as a National Grid worker and then at the next wrestling show he was working on the lights and he ended up in a match YET AGAIN!? That’s what the Wrestle Party is like! It’s wrestling– but that means part theatre, part basement punk gig, part improv, part comedy, part combat sport, part cabaret, and always completely frikkin’ insane. Fans stand ringside and interact with the performers to cheer and be confounded by the in-betweens of morality. There’s nothing quite like it!