Providence Wrestle Party Presents: Invaders From Space-Europe!

July 7, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm
AS220 Black Box
95 Empire Street
$10 / Free with Brown or RISD ID



Wrestle Party Presents: Invaders From Space-Europe!
July 7th 7:00 pm!
$10 at the door! Free w/ RISD or Brown ID
All ages! (Some foul language)
21+ to drink!


On the weekend celebrating American independence from Europeans Zachary Pierre Beaulieu and the Eurotrash Spacemen have declared their intent to take over our “feeble” country starting with the Providence Wrestle Party! Very real and credible intelligence and defense agencies are reporting a diabolical plot by the alien Spacemen to take the Providence Championship from local heroine Ashley Vox. Will she be able to overcome the smugness, numbers disadvantage, silver leggings, ascots, and wigs to retain her title in the name of Earth— In the name of Providence?!

The CHOOSE-YOUR-OWN-ADVENTURE match returns. When we last visited the magical land of Beheadya, the mythical Triclops was killed by a powerful wizard only to be resurrected impromptu at the audience’s insistence. In the days since, the forest elves have shared dark whispers and rumors of sightings of multiple triclopses in a polyamorous pod. Can this be so? What brave adventurer will be able to stand up to such fearsome creatures ferociously in love?

Star attraction, rising meteor, Mr. Sassy Pants McGee himself, Anthony Greene is returning to the party to challenge everyone’s favorite meta-human super villain Insane Dick Lane in a match that can only be described as coming out of a comic book and your mother’s fantasies at the very same time.

The Golden Girl Corrine Mink is looking to shut up the incessant whining of the entitled AJ Phoenix by stuffing his bratty mouth with cheesecake, tying him to a chair and forcing him to watch 48 consecutive hours of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia’s hijinks. But will this young gun resist, steal the remote and put on… I dunno.. Rick and Morty or monster trucks or whatever the hell he wants to watch MOM?!

HOLY SMOKING BRATWURSTS THIS IS A BARNSTORMER! Mike Montero, following impressive showing after impressive showing, will have his hands full with the legendary Chris Venom. There must be a winner! Wrestling!

ALL THIS AND MORE at the next Wrestle Party! It shall be a night of Whams! Slams! A Live Band! The show is part theatre, part basement punk gig, part improv, part comedy, part combat sport, part cabaret, and always completely frikkin’ insane. Fans stand ringside and interact with the performers to cheer and be confounded by the in-betweens of morality.