Providence Wrestle Party is FOR SALE!

October 6, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
AS220 Black Box
95 Empire Street
$10 or Free w/ Brown ID


Rumor has is that the Wrestle Party is going under. At the Gansett Cup last month King Leon VI appeared to have insider info that Commissioner Ernie Boch Jr. had squandered his fortune and is now being forced to sell the company! Who are the speculative investors swooping in to pick the sweet carcass of this underground performance empire?! What could the future entail for the fledgling promotion? How does newly minted Gansett Cup winner and #1 contender Insane Dick Lane feel about all of this uncertainty? Will Sully Banger still be running the show? What is the fate of the Providence Championship? THERE ARE SO MANY QUESTIONS! SO MANY PROBLEMS! BUY A TICKET! MAYBE BUY THE COMPANY WHILE YOU ARE AT IT!

Sunday, October 6th 2019
AS220 Black Box
7:00 pm
All Ages
Name your price to buy the company

What is the Wrestle Party? Have you ever been to a professional wrestling show? Alright… now, have you ever been to a professional wrestling show where there was a Goosebumps meets D&D style choose your own adventure match? Or where Eurotrash Spacemen invaded the planet on 4.20 to purge the country of stoners and sloth? Or where a telekinetic supervillain chokeslammed their opponent without touching them? Or where a cat wrestled a parrot, that was wrestling a fish, that was wrestling a bear, that was wresting a fox? Or where a pizza delivery guy interrupted a match and when he got stiffed for the bill decided to enter the match and win it but then got fired for being late for another delivery because he was in said match and he ended up needing to take a job as a National Grid worker and then at the next wrestling show he was working on the lights and he ended up in a match YET AGAIN!? That’s what the Wrestle Party is like! It’s wrestling– but that means part theatre, part basement punk gig, part improv, part comedy, part combat sport, part cabaret, and always completely frikkin’ insane. Fans stand ringside and interact with the performers to cheer and be confounded by the in-betweens of morality. There’s nothing quite like it!