Out There & Princess

September 22, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
AS220 Black Box Theater
95 Empire St

Princess | Out There | Official Trailer from Alexis Gideon on Vimeo.

Out There
(2019; video, live performance; 55:20min) is a concept video album and live performance piece by the band Princess.
Out There explores toxic masculinity and the role men ought to be playing during the current cultural reckoning of misogyny. The video’s science fiction narrative explores the power of the Divine Feminine through collaborations with JD Samson, visual artist. Jennifer Meridian, and the band TEEN.
Princess is a performance art duo that explores queerness and the concept of masculinity.
Simultaneously gay, straight, queer, masculine and feminine, Princess embodies the fluidity and
coherence between the seemingly contradictory. Alexis Gideon and Michael O’Neill are platonic
soul mates, unified in their bond of not quite fitting in, who have been creating conceptual
performances since 1999.
Princess has performed at the Andy Warhol Museum, The Bass, Bemis Center for
Contemporary Arts, MCA San Diego, MIT List Visual Arts Center, MOCA Cleveland, New
Museum, Wexner Center for the Arts and many other institutions.