Online Workshop: Marionette Creation!

This workshop meets virtually on April 1st, 8th, and 15th from 6 – 9:00 PM.

Participants will gain an understanding of how to create and work with a marionette. They will be able to walk away with the skills to come up with a concept for a puppet and create it at home. It aims to make puppetry accessible using household objects. Participants will also figure out the energy and character of their puppets, how to embody them, and craft a narrative to act out.


Ellanor is a multifaceted artist currently based out of Richmond Virginia. She is an illustrator and puppeteer to name a couple of the hats she wears. She is most familiar with marionette work. Her art is almost always a conversation about our relationship to the land and ways we can heal. She is currently studying regenerative land work to learn how to restore our damaged ecosystems. In the meantime, we make puppets! Because joy and embodied storytelling is essential!

The cost of this workshop is set at a sliding scale in efforts to make it as accessible as possible. The total we are spending to put on the workshop (including instructor’s payment, materials, admin costs, etc.) is about $333. In order to break even, we’d need each participant to pay about $48. Please pay based on what you are able. Consider paying a higher amount if you can, and help make it possible for us to offer these resources to those who aren’t able to pay as much. If you can’t afford to pay, don’t hesitate to sign up for free or at a low cost! Please refer to the sliding scale chart at the bottom of the page for info on how we arrive at our prices.