Online Workshop: Intro to Laser Art

This workshop meets virtually on March 30th, April 6th, 13th, and 20th from 7 – 9:00 PM.

This workshop is for anyone interested in using our Laser Cutter for 2D/3D digital art generation and fabrication, specifically using the Epilog Laser Cutter in a Virtual Environment. The course is a four part series (2hrs per week) and covers an introduction to the design software, creation of the artwork, and the actual physical generation of the artwork by the instructor at the AS220 Industries lab and made available for pickup or shipment to you upon completion of the course. The entire process takes place online and is guided by the students each step of the way! No experience is required, but we strongly encourage students to have some experience with vector design. Our machine is an Epilog Legend Mini 24 with a cutting area of 24″ (x-axis) x 12“ (y-axis) and 10”(z-axis). The machine is capable of carving/cutting 2D parts and 3D engravings. The material can be paper, cardboard, glass, acrylic, wood. NO PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)/vinyl/leather/artificial leather or ABS/HDPE plastic,

See ref: Participants will learn the process of art design, generation, and fabrication of physical objects based on paper, wood, or acrylic. Upon course completion the items will be available for pickup at our facilities located at 131 Washington st, Providence, RI. Alternatively, the items can be shipped.

The cost of this workshop is set at a sliding scale in efforts to make it as accessible as possible. The total we are spending to put on the workshop (including instructor’s payment, materials, admin costs, etc.) is about $333. In order to break even, we’d need each participant to pay about $48. Please pay based on what you are able. Consider paying a higher amount if you can, and help make it possible for us to offer these resources to those who aren’t able to pay as much. If you can’t afford to pay, don’t hesitate to sign up for free or at a low cost! Please refer to the sliding scale chart at the bottom of the page for info on how we arrive at our prices.

Instructor: Larry Zagorsky

Pronouns: He/Him

My Bio and reason for being. I am a retired engineer (…with several patents) and have been hiding out at AS220 for the past seven years, never to return to regular employment. Being a resident at AS220 and a key-member gives me 24/7 access (…did I mention that I am a night owl). This means that I get to work when everyone else is sleeping! This also means that I can support “part time” DIY’ers that can only be here during their off hours and have become the de facto “go-to” person. In addition to teaching, 1-1 training for all the equipment, design and production work for artists, commission work, I am an artist for the three of us (me-my-and-I) that hang out here.