MIDIcinal, TheBuisness, Pi Wrecks Live Band, and Session 9

May 15, 2018 @ 9:00 pm – May 16, 2018 @ 1:00 am
AS220 Main Stage
115 Empire St
Providence, RI 02903


Come join us for a magical evening of music wizardry. Sessio 9 Productions is proud to be brining such weight to the city this May.
we give you:

Coming all the way from Denver, Colorado,
Hip Hop, Electronic, Bass
Potent Productions
MIDIcinal is the electro-funk, hip hop, bass and soul music producer, Scott Rhatigan. Currently based in Denver, CO, Scott is constantly exploring new boundaries of his production. Often times including a drummer or a horns player during his live sets, you will find yourself moving to a mix of classic old school boom bap with a new age bass-funk twist.
MIDIcinal has quickly gained a respect and a following in Colorado, sharing the stage recently with acts such as MartyParty, Turkuaz, Vibe Street, SoDown, Muzzy Bearr, Andreilien, Phutureprimitive, SuperVision and more! With plans to hit both the Midwest and the East Coast in early 2018, it’s advised that you keep an eye and an ear out for MIDIcinal as he pushes his limits to bring you what you need!

Coming up from Odessa, Delaware:
Hi…my name’s Dirt Bike…but you can call me Mike Barry 🙂
Music is the love of my life and it makes me happy
Bringing the heat, the beat, and TheBusiness., producer of Delaware, Mike Barry supplies an array of sound to bring the essence in his productions. Integrating hints of funk, blues, jazz, rock, hip-hop, electronic, and more in collages of sorts, TheBusiness. strives to provide high class music made with real love.

Pi Wrecks Live Band
Live Band: Producer- Jeffrey Edinger, Guitar- Lee Canales, Drums- Jack Phomphithak, Rapper- Steez
Trip Hop, Electro-Soul, Tripstep
WUMP Collective, Sleepless Collective, The Rust
Pi Wrecks is the moniker of electronic music producer/DJ, Jeffrey Edinger, based out of western Massachusetts. Inspired by the sound stylings of Pretty Lights and Gramatik, and with a background in hip hop, Pi Wrecks aims to re-introduce “soul” to the electro-soul genre. His heart-filled melodies juxtaposed with tastefully gritty bass and upbeat funky elements create a well-rounded, dynamic listening experience, taking his listeners all over the spectrum of human emotion. Pi Wrecks’ music reflects the deadly combination of someone who is simultaneously a creative whirlwind as well as a perfectionist, with innovative intricacies and meticulous subtleties that continually impress audiences across the country. A true artist in every sense of the word, Pi Wrecks refuses to allow his art to be confined within a box defined by genre, mood, or style, which is why he is quickly gaining momentum and amassing a hungry, loyal fanbase. Ranging from high energy collaborations with guitarists, rappers, and percussionists to downtempo solo pieces, Pi Wrecks’ music demonstrates his versatility and ability to impress a wide variety of audiences while staying true to his artistic vision. With the goal of evoking powerful emotion and connecting with his listeners on a deep, meaningful level, his genuine passions for music and breaking new ground are undeniably contagious in the electronic music community.

During his live shows, Pi Wrecks utilizes a healthy combination of technical skill, intuitive crowd reading, and audacious risk-taking to create a powerful, memorable experience for those in the crowd that is extremely rare to find. A common theme during Pi Wrecks sets is seeing people dance around with smiles on their faces and tears in their eyes, as his melodies touch a place deep within and the funky, occasionally heavy bass gets the crowd moving. With notable releases with WUMP Collective, Sleepless Collective, Funkadelphia, and The Rust, as well as frequent live performances in the Northeast U.S., Pi Wrecks is riding a significant wave of momentum into what’s sure to be an exciting 2018.

Session 9
Electronic music, Trip-Hop, Dubstep, Dub, Hip-Hop Instrumentals
Born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
I dont know what to
write about myslef. Just come see the spectacle!

May 15, 2018
doors and show start promptly at 9 pm. $8 at the door
This is sure to sell out so make sure you plan ahead. Lets give these touring artists the love they deserve.