Mic P, Invisible Light Project, and Mainella

January 31, 2014 @ 2:00 am – 6:00 am
115 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903

Mainella is a hip-hop producer/DJ who fuses together traditional DJ style performances with the art of live drumming. From hip-hop to electronica to jazz, Mainella provides a non-stop auditory experience.



Invisible Light Project is the brain child of 24 year old producer, engineer and musician, Mallek Mohammad Saleh. Mallek started out playing guitar in a metal band during his high school years, and, through that experience, developed an appreciation for the creation of music in general. During his sophomore year of college, he got himself Ableton Live 8 and a midi keyboard, and hasn’t stopped making music since.

Now, the Invisible Light Project is starting to grow; with a full length album currently in production, and a remix of Twirl Me by Wildlight (the Polish Ambassadors side project) to be featured in a remix album with Blockhead, Ample Mammal, The Human Experience, and more; sometime in 2014. Everything that the Invisible Light Project does is completely original and made from scratch, unless it’s specified as a remix.



MicP is a Rhode Island based Emcee with energetic and thought provoking wordplay. His heartfelt poetic rap has limitless passion and intensity as he delivers his point of view. The music coming from MicP and his collaborators is of a very high caliber. If you want real-good Hiphop music from the heart, without any side agendas, then look no further. MicP has all that and then some..