Making Intermedial Performance: Modern Movements Festival Workshop w/ Ashley Ferro-Murray

April 11, 2016 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Brown University Ashamu Dance Studio
***Free and open to the Public at the Brown University Ashamu Dance Studio but is a part of AS220’s Modern Movement Festival.
    Join intermedial choreographer Ashley Ferro-Murray for a 90-minute lecture demonstration and movement workshop on new media performance and intermedial choreography. Often, choreographers and performance artists interested in new media collaborate with technicians, technology companies, and academic research institutions for knowledge and funding of experimental media and technology. This workshop addresses the need for innovative media performance outside of these funding and support structures, and puts emphasis on the importance of artistic and “amateur” explorations of digital culture in performance. Ferro-Murray will share different methods for addressing digital culture and new media without direct technical or institutional support.  She will cover several user-friendly and relatively easily accessible methods for interactive performance including wearable sensor technology and software programs such as Isadora and Max/MSP Jitter. She will also share methods for using analogue media such as fabric, string, wind, and bodies to address concepts of mediation and digital culture in contemporary society. Finally, as a group we will explore methods for tactically defamiliarizing ordinary new media on stage and for creating artistic explorations of new media questions.