LUNA LOBA [She-Wolf Moon] V: El Azufre (the sulfur moon)

January 29, 2017 @ 8:15 pm – 10:00 pm
AS220's Blackbox
95 Empire St
Providence, RI 02903

Sokeo & Christopher. Freedom Cafe. Everett.


LUNA LOBA V // El azufre [the sulfur moon]
Sun, January 29th, 2017
AS220 Black Box Theater
8:15pm-10pm // $5 admission

Doors at 8:15pm; show starts at 8:30pm

NEW SEASON OF LUNA LOBA. 12 artists present performance art, sound, body/voice, & video.
Rituals of transformation, in homage to the full moon.

This LUNA LOBA will have a line up of ALL MALE / MALE-IDENTIFIED artists, in contrast to the original series, which was/is intended for ALL FEMALE / FEMALE-IDENTIFIED AND GENDER NEUTRAL ARTISTS.

Sulfur is transformation; it consumes all and the phoenix rises from the ashes. Sulfur is reactive; it is both weapon and medicine. This is the first of a new season of 4 annual LUNA LOBA events. In contrast to the past series, this month LUNA LOBA will include male and male-identified artists. We celebrate Ares, Roman deity of War; and Chango, Yoruba deity of Thunder and Drums. After this one, the next three LUNA LOBAS in 2017 will continue focused on the work of female and gender neutral artists.

Performing: [12 lobos; artists will continue to be added to this list]:

Sokeo Ros
Christopher Johnson
Eli V Manuscript
Vatic Kuumba
Orlando Hernández
Saul Ramos
Ronald Lewis
Kufa Castro
Benjamin Lundberg
Jason Curzake
Umberto Crenca

Past Luna Loba events:


***Featured photo: Sokeo Ros and Christopher Johnson performing for Everett Theater’s Freedom Cafe