LUNA LOBA [She-Wolf Moon] parte dos: For the worm moon

Luna Loba parte dos

LUNA LOBA parte dos: For the Worm Moon
Sun, March 27th, 2015
AS220 Black Box Theater
Doors at 8:15PM. Show starts at 8:30PM.
Admission: $5.

Rituals of HAIR and TRANSFORMATION by a line-up of female, female-identified and gender neutral artists, in honor of the Full Worm Moon of March.

Performance art, sound, body/voice, video.


Hadley Sorsby-Jones – reading
Rose Jermusyk – performance
Susan Clausen – video
@WackLikeThat – performance
Purest Spiritual Pigs – video
Laurie Amat – performance
Carol Scavotto – performance
Reya Sehgal – video
Shey Rivera – sound/performance
Dungeon Broads – sound/performance
Pippi Zornoza & Reba Mitchell (collaboration) – sound/performance

Curator: Shey Rivera
Production Assistance: Corinne Wahlberg
Tech/Production: Rachel Lewallen
Poster Design: Lara Henderson.