Live Bait: Drag

January 3, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
AS220 Main Stage
115 Empire Street
Phil Goldman
(401) 489-2555

Live Bait New Year’s Show (a couple of days late)- The Theme is “Drag”

Over the years, the stories at Live Bait have been consistently surprising. There are as many interpretations of our themes as there are storytellers. And that’s a lot. So, it’s a New Year and the theme is “Drag.” Drag yourselves to the show, come in drag if you like, or be a drag if you must. Just don’t miss out! January’s show will be fabulous! And just to make sure of that, we will have free champagne for everyone (21+)! (And sparkling cider for those who like non-alcoholic bubbles.)

If you have a true story that in some way, shape or form fits January’s theme, come to Live Bait, put your name in the fishbowl and, when called, come up and tell it. Remember, please: no notes, no rants, no aimless ramblings, no stand-up routines, and there is a six-minute time limit. Of course, all are more than welcome to simply sit back and listen. Come for the stories, stay for the champagne!

Live Bait is hosted by Phil Goldman, with banter, musical accompaniment and monthly theme song by Jerry “The Professor” Gregoire.