Laurie Amat, Brian 4 Ever, Paper Balls w/ David Grollman, Lucio Menegon and Jeff Barsky, + Flandrew Fleisenberg

July 1, 2015 @ 9:00 pm – July 2, 2015 @ 1:00 am
AS220 Main Stage
115 Empire Stage

From Providence and AS220:

Laurie Amat – Rare Unplugged Vocals in the Aborn Room. And then plugging it in again!

Brian 4 Ever – A new and spontaneous performance by the brilliant Brian Folan and?

From NYC: Paper Balls w/ David Grollman, Lucio Menegon and Jeff Barsky

From Philly: Flandrew Fleisenberg

We’ll be soloing, crossing over, from the lovely to the brutal. So different, even WE’LL be surprised!!!
PAPER BALLS is a new improvising trio featuring Jeff Barsky, Lucio Menegon and David Grollman. All three are active in the improvised and composed music scenes in NYC and Washington DC, with groups such as Insect Factory, Blister, Plums, Prehistoric Horse and numerous spontaneous collaborations. From wall-of-sound to mellow deep headspace, this particular twin guitar, snare drum with mild theatrics and special surprise guests adventure will satisfy many abstract desires.

Fleisenberg is a player of objects. Drums only fall peripherally into his spectrum, while he is mostly fascinated in coaxing out the inherent material characters of “mundane things”. These wide manipulations of external implements draw an aural architecture within the performance space as the embodied performer moves within it. Fleisenberg’s movement actions in combination with his material conjuring, creates a discourse inside of a constantly breathing tactile space.

for video footage of this performer: