Jou-Lou – AS220 Streaming Session

May 25, 2021 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Photo Credit: James Lastowski

Joe-Lou is an offbeat electronic musician, tapping away on an analog drum machine. An outsider artist at heart with a knack for theatrics. Joe’s distorted original pop beats are deceptively simple–great for dancing, but too weird for the radio. In recent years, lyrical storytelling has taken a backseat to political hooks and tongue-in-cheek chants. Synth sounds are dirty and the drums get sloppy. Samples are pulled from 80’s anime and retro video games to create a catchy, crunchy cavalcade of sound.

Joe-Lou’s performance character is a bit of a hypochondriac. Dawning a cardboard space helmet each night just to stay focused on the mission at hand. To try and help Providence with providence….or something like that.

His live shows are short and sporadic, with a signature multi-media touch. Joe has performed alongside projection-mapped sculptures, midi synced visuals, puppets, and digital actors. Never content with just sound, Joe-Lou has also developed a reputation as an illustrator for hire and has built a career with 3D modeling. Always creating community with fellow outsiders, misfits, and nerds, Joe also hosts Bummer Club, CityPop Night (Japanese Disco), and various shows with Squarepop, thanks to a partnership with AS220.

Joe performs alongside Maiden X in the Sci-Fi pop duo Space Heater X. Together they have scored runway shows, performed light rock operas, and generally just made a lot of happy people feel confused. Space Heater X is currently collaborating with the infamous Kurt Fowl on a radio drama comic book titled “The Dynamite Express.”


This is an all-new live set performed at home for the AS220 channels. In this video, Joe-Lou is a lugubrious husk of himself. Fifteen months of quarantine and junk food have left him sick and tired of “meat space.” The real world sucks right now. It’s time to escape into another reality…

Welcome to “Rat Crap Reality.”

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