Is This Jazz? featuring The Just Around Trio +1, and City of Four

October 3, 2014 @ 8:30 pm – October 4, 2014 @ 1:00 am
115 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903
$10 general admission
Benjamin Shaw

It seems as though unfortunately we will not be featuring Alon this time around. Due to unforeseen circumstances he and I have decided to move his performance back to a later date. However, this by no means spells doom for the next “Is This Jazz?” As we now have a new, exciting group ready to take the stage!

On October 3rd  Is This Jazz? will be presenting another night of great jazz at AS220, presenting The Just Around Trio +1, who are excited to perform a set of original music at the newest edition of “Is This Jazz?”. The tunes performed will vary greatly in style and tempo, but all of them save room for vast musical exploration, and many feature long sections of open improvisation. During these open sections, the audience will be able to enjoy the connection that has developed between guitarist Clay Nordhill, upright bass player Sam Kurzontkowski, and drummer James Nordhill. This trio is joined by Ben Marcoux on the alto saxophone. The band is looking forward to playing an hour of energetic music for an enthusiastic Is This Jazz audience.

 Opening the night will be City of Four, a jazz ensemble based in Amherst, MA that recently released their self-titled debut album and has performed at Symphony Hall in Boston.

Finally, we have spent the last several months planning another event to take place this October to celebrate the spookiest holiday of them all. Local alto sax legend Greg Abate has been working with ITJ and AS220 to bring his Halloween themed album “Monsters In The Night” to life. On Friday October 24, Greg and the original band he recorded this album with will reunite for a one time special night at AS220’s Black Box Theatre (95 Empire Street, Providence, RI) to present selections from this fantastic work. The tunes represent themes composed by Greg to represent the various monsters and creepy imagery associated with Halloween, all presented by a powerhouse quintet featuring Abate, Paul Nagel, Artie Montanato, Bill Miele, and Vinny Pagano. The night begins at 8 pm with a $15 admission fee that, as always, goes directly to the artists. Also, we’d like to thank Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC for helping sponsor this event to ensure the performers are well compensated for their brilliance. Lastly, since it is Halloween feel free to dress up in your scariest, wackiest costumes to help make the night even better!
Hope I didn’t break your brains with all this info, but I imagine you’re all as excited as I am for these great shows coming up. See you all at the October 3rd show at AS220