Introduction to Swing Dancing!

October 4, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
$40 for four classes, $12/drop-in!
Drop-in price $12/class at the door.
For entire session: $40, $35 for Veterans/Students/Low Income.
Instructors: Daryl Begin & Becky Zub
Learn the fundamentals of Lindy Hop in this progressive class series, no experience required! Come explore basic movement and rhythms at the heart of all jazz era swing dances, as you learn to lead and follow. We’ll develop partnering skills, footwork and techniques that will help you become a successful social dancer.
This is where you should begin if you have no previous knowledge of swing, Lindy Hop or partner dancing.
Instructor Bios:
Daryl Begin: Daryl has spent a considerable amount of time studying the classic footwork and movements of the original Lindy Hoppers and as a result, has an in-depth and personalized understanding of the dance. Mostly self taught, Daryl has the ability to demonstrate complex concepts and loves incorporating the history of the Jazz era dances into his teaching. He also loves to compete and sees it as an opportunity to continuously improve.
Becky Zub: Becky didn’t start dancing until she was 16, with tap and jazz classes. She fell in love with tap and was a member of Brown University’s group, “What’s on Tap” for 4 years while a student at RISD. After some minor-turned-major hip pain after college, she needed a hip replacement out of the blue in 2011. A couple months of physical therapy and she was back on her feet; looking to get back into her tap obsession. However, she happened to stumble upon Providence Swings in 2012, and had always been interested in jazz music and the style of lindy hop. She went to one class and has been die-hard obsessed ever since! She enjoys working on the quality of her basic movement as well as competing and ever-improving. As a teacher, she places emphasis on having fun with your partner, and finding ways to encourage everyone’s personality to come out as they dance.