Midnight Opera, Tiny Diamond, Silverteeth, and Germ House

July 24, 2018 @ 9:00 pm – July 25, 2018 @ 1:00 am
AS220 Main Stage
115 Empire St
Providence, RI 02903



“I love Germ House and have comped the shit out of them over the last couple of years on my label Girlsville. They really classed up my trashy pop compilations. They also put out a brilliant LP on Trouble in Mind. The sound sits somewhere between post punk and jangle pop. Austere and melodic pop juxtaposed with discordant noisy bits, and all recorded with that requisite analog tape grit. This would not be out of place in the Scottish post punk scene of the early 1980’s, or perhaps like something on New Zealand’s Flying Nun Records. These particular tracks were recorded on either 4 track cassette, or Otari 8 track reel to reel to 1/2″ tape. Peep the straight up 1970’s AOR guitar lead towards the end of “Crawlspace” it’s a big payoff to the hypnotic and plodding lo fi jangle that leads up to it.”  -Courtney DelMar
Tiny Diamond: Don’t let the word ‘tiny’ fool you: Providence’s Tiny Diamond brings a heap of sound in the form of electric guitar, cello and drums, topped off with luscious harmonies. Citing a range of influences including the analog warmth of the 60’s, the digital delights of the 1980’s, and the attitude of the 90’s, Tiny Diamond has staked its claim in the local music scene. Their EP Light Codes is available now on Spotify and iTunes.

Midnight Opera: 

Midnight Opera (fka Siamese) is a glam rock band from Dallas, TX. Mixing ominous art pop with opulent visuals and deranged alter egos, their live show makes you feel like you could go out and invent a new color, or wear a leotard to work.
“Slinky, sultry dreampop with a dusting of glitter and a theatrical bent that really shows itself at their live shows.” – BrooklynVegan
“Their music brings to mind thoughts of haunted candelabras, burgundy curtains, smoke from a cauldron … Beyond just atmosphere, they use this theatricality to lend gravitas to real-life emotions, which can give their songs a (cursed) soul-bearing, (black) heart-on-sleeve quality.” – Tiny Mix Tapes
“Not sure how many different ways we can put this, but [Midnight Opera] is Dallas’ best new band. That’s really the most succinct way to phrase it.” Central Track