Geek Dinner!

January 17, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
AS220 Main Stage
115 Empire St
Providence, RI 02903
Arnell Milhouse is a Rhode Island tech influencer and CEO of the CareerDevs Computer Science Academy.  He is also one of the recipients of Rhode Island Innovation’s 2018 “50 on Fire” Award. He’ll be kicking off 2018 for Providence Geeks, along with his partners and co-founders (Miram Ebrahim, Ramey Ebrahim, and Clifton Choiniere) from two new startups that are launching.
CommonConnect is the world’s most powerful networking app for professionals.  In a world where your network is your net worth,  CommonConnect enables you to build your personal “Who’s Who”, by knowing who is who and what they do. CommonConnect is an intuitive and easy to use app that accelerates your ability to find and network with types of individuals you need to know, based on their proximity, profession, industry and more! Search for CommonConnect (CC) on the Apple App Store.
There are hundreds of thousands to millions of people in our vicinity, many of whom we pass by every day.  CommonConnect lets you connect with the right ones.
DonatedTrust is an innovative and ground-breaking blockchain and cryptocurrency humanitarian-aid organization.  The DonatedTrust cryptocurrency and is poised to disrupt how people donate money to charitable causes, natural disasters and acts of domestic and international terror.  It will be the first humanitarian-aid organization that people trust whole-heartedly.  Come find out why and learn about Rhode Island’s first cryptocurrency startup.
It’s a decentralized, autonomous, peer-to-peer, globally distributed humanitarian-aid force multiplier.  Attendees and investors will be able to get in early on the forthcoming DistributedTrust ICO.
The event itself is FREE! Beverages and food are for sale at AS220’s excellent bar and restaurant.
Doors open at 5:30pm. Socializing, eating and drinking up until the 15 min presentation/q&a around 6:30. Afterwards, back to socializing, eating, drinking.
It’s totally casual. Wear whatever, bring whomever, arrive and take off whenever! And don’t worry about eating or not – come famished or full – eating is optional, and frankly, the least of the festivities (that’s not to say the food isn’t good – it’s actually great).
Topics of conversation will vary as they will at any gathering of geeks, but many of us will be talking about start-ups, new devices, innovative business models, 3d printing, interaction design, social computing, digital art, web services, and more! There is Wi-Fi so bring your connected device of choice.