Fringe PVD: Verge

July 30, 2016 @ 8:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Fringe PVD: Verge
Part 1 – Greatness
Part 2 – DespairVerge – Part 1 – Greatness (2015) is a contemporary ballet piece in 3 sections. At its heart are 3 young girls setting out to forge professional dance careers. Emotionally, the piece begins with camaraderie, progresses to excitement and anticipation, and concludes with competition. (9 dancers; 7 minutes)

Verge – Part 2 – Despair (2016) A dance-theatre work exploring a woman’s struggle through darkness and despair.
(6 dancers; 23 minutes)

Company: Freedom Dances
Director / Choreographer: Nicole C. Laliberté
Featuring Whitney Cover, Allison Dufficy, Maddey Francoeur, Caroline Kory, Jill Laquidara, Brittany Lombardi, Rebekah Ross, Delaney Smail, Hanna Wegener

Nicole’s bio:
Nicole C. Laliberté, artistic director of Freedom Dances, performed with Sidelong Dance Co., Boston Dance Co., EBA Dance Theatre, and Honolulu Dance Theatre, among others.  Nicole has danced, taught, and choreographed in Rhode Island, Boston, New York, Hawaii, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, and St. Petersburg, Russia.  Nicole holds her MFA in Choreography from UNCG and a BFA in Dance from The Boston Conservatory.

Of note, she has taught at UNCG, James Madison University, Meredith College, Darton College, and Greensboro Ballet.  For two decades Nicole traveled extensively making dances, performing, learning and teaching dance.  Having returned to her native Rhode Island, she is currently on faculty at South County Movement Center and Extensions School of Dance, where she is thrilled to be working with promising young dancers.

“I am passionate about the art of teaching dance.  I have found through my own struggles of crafting my technique that it is of vital importance to work with each student’s instrument differently in order to guide her toward becoming the best dancer she can be.  Some students learn by doing, other by watching, hearing the music, counting, or perhaps by metaphor or imagery.  I enjoy the journey of finding what works for each individual dancer.   It’s a mutually rewarding moment when the student grasps a concept and has that ah-ha moment, it is a great joy.”

As an independent artist, student, teacher, and guest artist, Ms. Laliberté has staged choreography at The Boston Conservatory, The Boston Dance Complex, Green Street Studios, James Madison University, Darton College, Rhode Island College, American College Dance Festivals in Vermont and North Carolina, Boston Regional Youth America Grand Prix, countless studios nationwide, and in the repertories of Maude Baum and Company, Albany, NY, and Sidelong Dance Company, Winston-Salem, NC.

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