Fringe PVD: The Peach Boy

July 29, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Fringe PVD: The Peach Boy

The Peach Boy
In this version, the classic Japanese folktale, T​he Peach Boy becomes the collective dream of a group of Japanese subway commuters and visiting American tourists on a Tokyo subway. This dream mixes elements of contemporary American and Japanese culture with this traditional folk narrative. You will see everything from performers in traditional yukatas to a group of ogres holding signs “Make the Ogres great again!” The production is in Japanese and English. It is directed by Milton Coykendall.

About the Artist: Milton Coykendall
Though absent from the field for some time and busy trying to support his family, Milton Coykendall has directed plays in New York City, Chicago, Boston and Providence. He taught acting for many years, including at Emerson College in Boston. He taught screenwriting at the URI downtown campus. He received an MFA in Theatre Arts from Brandeis University. He and his family have lived in Providence for the past 15 years. He currently teaches English to international students at several schools including Showa Boston, where the students hair from Tokyo.