Finding Kim – Screening @ AS220 Blackbox – Rhode Island Film Festival

August 10, 2016 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Finding Kim - Screening @ AS220 Blackbox - Rhode Island Film Festival

Director: Aaron Bear
Producer: Jasten King
Cinematographer: Gabriel Bienczycki
Categories: Documentary Feature, LGBTQ, Senior/Aging
Run time: 83 min. USA Language: English 

When Kim was younger, he never really felt comfortable in his own skin. Being assigned as female at birth and raised a girl, his childhood was full of bullying and traumatic experiences. The other kids would tease him mercilessly about looking and acting “like a boy,” sometimes even preventing him from using the restrooms at school. Kim didn’t have the words to describe what was happening or how he felt to anyone—he just knew he was different. Later on in life, he came to the realization that maybe he was gay, but the lesbian community didn’t feel right to him either. After diving headfirst into all sorts of queer and transgender reading material, Kim came to the ultimate decision that he was meant to be a man, and began the female-to-male transformation process almost immediately. Kim’s story is entwined with insightful interviews with members and activists in the LGBTQ community: Carmen Carrera (“RuPaul’s Drag Race,” season 3), Buck Angel (a famous female-to-male adult entertainer), Dr. Tony Mangubat (a surgeon specializing in transgender procedures), and Seattle’s own Dan Savage. Finding Kim follows our titular character through his day-to-day life to his eventual life-changing surgery as he becomes who he always felt he was under the surface.

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