Favourite – AS220 Streaming Session

February 4, 2021 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

What What can I say…I’m a songwriter. Part of me wants these songs to get into some producers hands and let them have fun with some of the melodies. I consider myself someone who should be in the background…making the backing tracks or coming up with pointless melodies and catchy lines…or maybe writing a soundtrack to some off the beaten path movie. Whatever my drive is, there’s one underlying theme to it all and that is I love doing it. Whether I’m on stage (awkwardly) or behind the scenes, I’m loving it. I have been playing in bands since I was 16…playing the piano since I was 5 and picked up the guitar at age 13…the rest is history. I’m influenced by everything and everyone. I can’t pick just one genre…I just go with what I like and what I feel.

These tunes (this collection) is a soundtrack to a made up movie that is somewhat like a John Hughes movie or maybe Francis Ford Coppola…I’m not really sure. But the feeling I had when writing these tunes was “isolation” and believe it or not I started writing them prior to the pandemic. Honestly I just want people to smile when they hear them. I wrote them all myself and put them all together using crappy home audio and beat-making equipment. I’m not a techy when it comes to this stuff…I’m a songwriter. So if you feel the vibe, you like the songs and you are maybe tapping your foot to the tunes, I did my job. We all need a little escape.


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