DSLR Photography Foundations

October 17, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
AS220 Industries
131 Washington St
Providence, RI 02903
4018319327 x 202


Bring the intimidation factor from 10 to 0! 
  • Thursday October 17 + 24, 6-9pm
  • Thursday December 12 + 19, 6-9pm
Learn your camera like the back of your hand. After this class, you’ll feel confident using your DSLR and capture those pictures you’ve been wanting. Weather permitting, the group will go on a photo walk around downtown Providence.
During the first part of the workshop, students will learn camera basics including the camera body and all its ports and parts, the lens, focus and depth of field, exposure (f-stops, shutter speed, and iso), white balance, and file settings. Students will take some snapshots in the studio to explore concepts along the way.  On the second day, students will learn about composition concepts and natural lighting. Putting all the pieces together, the group will walk around the downtown and practice the magic of photography! At the end of the course, students will also learn how to transfer their images onto a computer.
Instructor: Savannah Barkley

Savannah Barkley is a New Jersey native who found herself in Rhode Island upon acceptance to RISD. In 2017 she completed her studies in the Film/Animation/Video department where she explored nature and interactive space in large scale sound and visual installations. Following graduation, Savannah has taken on various creative freelance projects along with being hired as an editorial photographer for the local magazine group, Providence Media. In addition, she recently launched a small business entitled Sir Milky Quartz, selling a curated collection of sustainably sourced and constructed, handmade, upcycled and vintage goods. 

Website: savannahbarkley.com (fine art & documentation)
Instagram @savannah.marie.barkley & @sirmilkyquartz
Business: sirmilkyquartz.com (fashion & product)