Contemporary Dance INT/ADV

January 10, 2018 @ 9:45 am – 11:15 am
$13 Drop In/$10 Class Card Brown University & RISD Students Free w/ ID

The Class begins with a set sequence of continuous stretches and articulate movements of the spine and limbs that will allow us to connect with ourselves, our body and its center.We will place focus on breathing to help us warm up, energize and tone the muscles and joints as well as to open awareness of the balanced body and its/our presence in the space. In continuance, we will explore a succession of moves and some traveling exercises to challenge the body to be available and efficient in relationship to one another’s. We will put into action a dynamic-high-energy dance phrase that encompass floor work, technical sequencing and acrobatic body vocabulary, all of which I have acquired through my years of contemporary dance work in Europe.  I am a creative that uses improvisation and explorative formations so the body can articulate one’s sense of character.  My classes always have the aim of growing one’s individual voice through movement and to share it with others.


Gisela Creus has been dancing since the age of nine. She graduated from Company & Company in Barcelona with a professional dance diploma and moved on to Laban Centre in London where she earned her bachelor’s degree with honours in dance-theater.  She has since worked for Moreno Bernardi Dance Company, Cia.Color Dansa, Marie-Gabrielle Roti Productions, Korsnes Kompani and Vbuit. Her collaborative works have always taken an international and interdisciplinary concern, working with artists Clara Bes, Chan Vi, Abrao Vicente, Antonio Da Veiga Rocha, Samuel Diz, Norman Vasseur to name a few. She has presented work as choreographer-performer, individually and collaboratively, such as Hour Cicle, Dust, Dansalona, Black Abyss, On the Road, Dorment, as well as videodance work such as Sombras, Llavors and YZ.

She is one of the founders of NunArt, a creative practices association for artists in Barcelona.  She has been a member of its directive board since it’s inception in 2007.

Recently her pedagogical work has partnered her with Laura Villar, a doctorate candidate. Together they have developed an educational project for pre-professional dancers called AREA-CREA. Gisela has been teaching dance for over 8 years; early on for beginners and now to emerging and professional creatives.  She has recently moved to the United States but will still continue to have an active European presence while contributing to the dance discipline in the US.