CANCELLED: Community Live Arts Reading: The Use of Farce: A Furtive Movement

November 21, 2016 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
CANCELLED: Community Live Arts Reading: The Use of Farce: A Furtive Movement


Join us for the first reading of the 2nd ever Community LIve Arts Residency Project Series at AS220!

This project is written by Vatic Kuumba in collab. with D,S Kinsel, Ryan Alvez, and Ronald Kevin Lewis.

Furtive Movement is a term used to justify the use of force

          We are using farce to brainstorm a way out of the shadows.

          A Furtive Movement Act 1: The Use of Farce is set in an alternate future that parallels our present. 1000+  people killed by police every year.  The story is told from the perspective of one of the counted victims of the state. The death of the narrator inspired protest riots and the formation of  a  black billionaire Super PAC that funnels dark money to radical community building organizations of color.


         The first project grants to be awarded go to a West African self help guru, a girl scout troop that gives belts to thugs, the manufacturer of bulletproof hoodies, a documentarian obsessed with showing the life and death of a victim of police violence.

The strain of an oppressive state threatens The union of one dark and lonesome soul to another jeopardizing those rare bonds in the years where your self is found.

They love each other but she is a blooming professional and he is a traumatized shut in. Using a spell from a celebrity sorceress, the woman attempts to heal the man.

Is there a therapy for society. Can the infrastructure stand and be repurposed or does is all need to burned and be rebuilt with altered intention?