Charon’s Obol, Karma and the Truth, and J Greene & Deep Waters

February 28, 2014 @ 2:00 am – 6:00 am
115 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903

Karma and The Truth

Founding members and seasoned East Coast musicians guitarist/vocalist Joey Magnanti (Hawkins Rise, Sex Coffee) and bassist/vocalist Chris “Topher” Simpson (Hawkins Rise) began the hunt to build a new project with the objective of writing music with solid lyrics and memorable harmonies and melodies. After several auditions with various percussionists, drummer/vocalist Nino Trovato, a 27 year veteran on the Connecticut music scene, (Matthias Steele) was finally found. Within the following week they landed a vocalist that could round out and work with the other band members to define the Karma and the Truth sound. Former Psycle frontman and guitarist Seth Salois, another seasoned East Coast musician joined the band and the four musicians were quickly up and running.

In a music scene and market where rock bands have been taking a backseat to other genres of music, Karma and the Truth are wanting to put the “ROCK” back in rock band. Leaning on their influences they grew up with such as Classic and Hard Rock, Karma and The Truth are aiming to make a strong impact on the East Coast and Northeast with their own brand of music relying heavily on their creativity and originality. One common thread the band posess is the fact that each member has the determination and drive to see KATT succeed to a higher level.

Karma and the Truth is a band that can solely survive with what they bring not only musically but collectively as a unit. Each member of the band brings with them other talents aside from their musical skill. From solid songwriting to web design, photography to bookings and promotion; Karma and the Truth is self-sufficient to work as an entity amongst themselves thus keeping the band afloat for a long time to come.

Watch for Karma and the Truth in the near future. A band that truly loves what they do and are proud to show the rest of the world their passion for creating music they consider to be their artform.


J Greene & Deep Waters is a 3 piece band that plays original pop, blues and
rock & roll.   Joel handles vocals and Lead Guitar, Scott drives the rhythm
section on Drums and Tom holds the bottom end on Bass.  Joel writes all the
originals the band plays; their sound is somewhere between a Springsteen Ballad
and a Dave Mathews tune with a touch of Clapton thrown in.  The band also plays
popular covers by the music greats we all hear and love.