Chained to Insanity and Improper Dosage

January 5, 2016 @ 9:30 pm – January 6, 2016 @ 1:00 am
AS220 Main Stage
115 Empire Street


While most original bands nowadays are trying to do something different, we believe in not fixing something that’s not broken. If you like 70’s and 80’s hard rock then you will like us. Powerful cords, thundering bass, pounding drums, blazing solos and mesmerizing lyrics will leave the heart pounding and you smiling


Improper Dosage is a rock n roll power trio from Wakefield, RI. The band consists of Alby Pearson on guitar and backup vocals, Seth Peters on bass and lead vocals, and Timmy Cammerlin on drums and back up vocals. The three have been playing together for over a year now, playing at clubs, bars, and other venues across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Although they characterize their sound as rock n roll, the influence of many genres such as metal, punk, psychedelia, and experimental/noise can be heard. Their live performance is raw, energetic, and spontaneous.
With the initial intent on producing a demo, they recently recorded a full length album in 2 sessions which is to be released very soon. They have plans for another album in the coming months and are looking to tour the country in the summer of 2014. That is Improper Dosage

DARK RITUAL (Had to drop due to emergency):

In the center of Dominaria three powerful beings have gathered. Their mission is clear. Their intent set. Destroy all of creation with the spells they have gathered in their travels. Drums sound the call. Instruments of great magical ability are raised. Chanting begins. Streaks of color ascend to the sky. Earth trembles beneath them. This is the sound of doom. (Electric Wizard/Sleep/Iron Void style doom and dark psych)

Review: From: ‘Doomed and Stoned’, “

I’m taking the opportunity to catch up with some delightfully devastating DOOOOM…and you know me, I just have to share!

A #‎DoomedDiscoveries‬ before I hit the sack: they are Rhode Island’s Dark Ritual, who have just unveiled the A-side of their October EP, ‘Necro-Storm’ (2015).

“Stormbreath” is the perfect name for the song, which is dense with atmosphere. I soaked in every buzz-drenched moment of this typhoon of a track. The B-side, “Necromancer,” was revealed in August. Both were inspired by Magic the Gathering and the cassette is available via bandcamp and will include some of the stunning art that has factored into the Bristol band’s musical vision. This one did well-please the Goate.