Brown/Trinity MFA Romp of Otters Presents Spring Sweeps Week!

April 26, 2015 @ 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
AS220's Blackbox Theatre
95 Empire Street
Providence, RI 02903
$5 suggested donation

Romp of Otters is excited to bring a week full of original work directed and written by Brown/Trinity actors, directors and Brown playwrights. 8 nights of new plays, puppet shows, movement pieces and more! Featuring work from Lucy Van Atta (class of 2017), Chao Bian (class of 2017), Tim Kopacz (2016), Griffin Sharps (2016), Diane Exavier (2017), Lee Osorio (2016), Whitney White (2015), and Elise Hudson (2015).


Spring Sweeps Night 1: Sunday April 26th at 5 PM:  Enjoy two performances directed by first year Brown/Trinity students Lucy Van Atta and Chao Bian. To begin the evening “Critical Mess” Written by Kuni Schmertzler follows the story of two rival Italian restaurant owners. It will be followed by an original piece “China Project;” an exploration of a relationship formed across cultural barriers.

Spring Sweeps Night 2: Monday April 27 at 7 PM An original piece written by second year Brown/Trinity student Griffin Sharps. “Low Year” follows bad things happening to bad people who might not want to be bad people but usually are anyway. This will be followed by a shadow/ puppet piece by fellow second year Tim Kopacz.

Spring Sweeps Night 3: Tuesday April 28th at 7 PM To begin the night we have a reading of an original play written and directed by second year Brown/Trinity student Lee Osorio. This will be followed by a collaborate piece by Griffin Sharps and Diane Exavier (first year Brown playwright) titled “To Be Your Own Ghost:A meditation on love, loss, and longing.”

Nights 4 and 5: Wednesday and Thursday April 29 and 30th at 7 PM:  Will feature an original play by third year Brown/Trinity actor Whitney White.

Nights 6 and 7:  Friday and Saturday May 1+2 at 6 PM:  A play written by third year Brown/ Trinity actor Elise Hudson, “Matchmaker Matchmaker” follows the story of a sociology major who moves to New York to find the perfect life and perfect love. She finds both, only to realize that love is much more complicated than she expected. She and an unlikely crew of women team up to take down the lying man that cheated them all